Common repairs we handle:

  • Blown internal baffles!
  • Replace velcro on Anything!
  • Rebuild / replace waterslide slide blankets!
  • Replace window netting on jumpers!
  • Replacing inflation tubes / buckles
  • Restitch seam tears
  • Reinforce problematic stress points



Class Support: (601)665-7880

repairs @ fixmyinflatable.com

We are located in:
Brandon, Mississippi 39047

Latest Testimonials

Great group of guys both the trainers and employees. Great opportunity for my business to be able to learn to do our own repairs and as we get better bring in some extra cash. The class is set up in a very easy going environment where you can learn at your own page. Very informative in all the areas that you may see in everyday repairs, and even allow you to bring your own inflatables in to teach you on those.  Which is just an added plus for what you are paying for because now those are put back out in your line up and you’ve already saved money in repairs.  Would recommend and hope to have a great future withstanding relationship with these  guys.  A++

– Steven Pruitt

Took the class recently and I gotta say it was a great experience. Really enjoyed the class, people, environment, etc. Saved myself thousands already and have a great trade under my belt as well!!

– Christopher Montana Morris

Donna and I just finished our inflatable repair training class.

I can honestly say that this class and the training was more than ever expected. Chris and Jonathan really put on a top notch class that teaches you everything you need to know to do your in house repairs as well as ideas on being a repair shop.

We had a pretty good idea of how the units were put together and I had seen several repairs completed by my guy but even still I never had the confidence or the sewing knowledge to venture into a successful repair. I have always been a glue and patch king!

We experienced so much during this class. Repairing baffles, sewing in new windows, replacing securing straps, and how to access the difficult parts of a unit. It was a great experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone serious about their business. I just wish I would have done this 7-8 years ago!

I would recommend getting as familiar as possible with the process before you go to the actual class. The more prepared and ambitious you are the more you will take away from the class.

Give Chris a call and get your training in place before you get into your season. It will be one of the best business investments you will make.

Big kudos to Chris and Jonathan for a job well done!

Our Repair Students

Take a look at some of our repair workshop students that graduated and took home a FixmyInflatable.com Repair Certificate. These are inflatable rental operators just like you that attended our class with a sewing machine package to save money on repairs & shipping cost. Now they can make even more money repairing others rental operators units. Anyone can learn!!

  • Student: Marcus
    Miles traveled: 1,650
  • Student: Amanda
    Miles traveled: 1,180
  • Student: Jonathan
    Miles traveled: 14
  • Student: Nelson
    Miles traveled: 1,390
  • Student: Mike
    Miles traveled: 873
  • Student: Jason
    Miles traveled: 243
  • Student: Taco
    Miles traveled: 243
  • Student: Mike
    Miles traveled: 662
  • Student: Ralph
    Miles traveled: 544
  • Students: Delbert & Randell
    Miles traveled: 4,196
  • Student: Sean
    Miles traveled: 721
  • Student: Tyrone
    Miles traveled: 400
  • Student: Jennifer
    Miles traveled: 447
  • Student: Kyle
    Miles traveled: 493
  • Student: Karl
    Miles traveled: 120
  • Student: Michelle
    Miles Traveled: 362
  • Student: Tony
    From: Texas
    Miles Traveled: 405
  • From: Oklahoma
    Miles Traveled: 687
  • From: Georgia
    Miles traveled: 425
  • From: Florida
    Miles traveled: 630
  • From: South Carolina
    Miles Traveled: 444
  • From: California
    Miles Traveled: 2,017
  • From: New York
    Miles Traveled: 1,031
  • From: New York
    Miles Traveled: 1,031
  • From: North Carolina
    Miles Traveled: 624
  • From: Virginia
    Miles Traveled: 972
  • From: Massachusetts
    Miles Traveled: 1402
  • From: Florida
    Miles Traveled: 672
  • From: Mississippi
    Miles Traveled: 92
  • From: Florida
    Miles Traveled: 854
  • From: Georgia
    Miles Traveled: 367
  • From:
    Miles Traveled: 458
  • From:
    Miles Traveled: 263
  • From:
    Miles Traveled: 323
  • From:
    Miles Traveled: 219

Need a repair estimate?

    1. Always call, text or email us to schedule a repair time. (Same day repairs & rush jobs can be performed for a nominal fee).
    1. Estimate Options:
        • Email your contact information and detailed images along with description of repairs needed. We will reply.
        • We can provide a estimate when you bring it to us. Customer responsible for setting up for us to inspect. (If we assist in setup for repair estimate charges may apply)
    1. Inflatables must be completely clean and dry before we can repair. (Cleaning & drying service available)